ICAM corporation is an IT company providing IT services and software for any investor
who wants to manage his capital accounts. ICAM corporation is not providing financial services.
ICAM corporation is NOT a brokerage company, nor a bank, and nor a financial institution.

Investment Capital Account Management
Artificial intelligence for outstanding profits

what do we do?

We use artificial intelligence to invest

Using an advanced artificial intelligence software we find the best investment opportunities in over 15 capital markets. The profit is made directly in the investor's account. Our capital efficiency is higher than any interest rate. A minimum 25% net average profit was registered by ICAM in the last 8 years.

what do you do?

You count the profit in your account

Through a business intelligence real-time interface you have, as ICAM partner, the complete control of your capital. You can pause the entire process anytime. You have nothing to pay in advance; the profit is shared monthly after it's entirely collected into the partner's account.

How ICAM works?

As an ICAM partner, you open a capital account with an independent authorized brokerage company and deposit the working capital. You contract ICAM investment service, and we can assist you in all these steps. ICAM will install the investment software in your account. You will set the capital exposure limits and press the start button. ICAM guards any time for software functionality and profitability. The profit is counted day by day in your account receiving the email report or using ICAM online interface. The profit is shared with ICAM at the end of each month. You can stop ICAM software any time you want.

ICAM confidentiality

The most important clause in our contract is confidentiality. Contracting ICAM services we agree to strict confidentiality of all data included in the contract like partner's name, capital amount, investment strategy, profit withdraws, risk allocation or any other information related to the investment plan. ICAM is acting in the investment market for fourteen years. Our partners are satisfied with our personal and custom approach. ICAM service is unconditionally opened, and the partner may terminate the contract at any time with no restriction. We work together just because anyone is satisfied with the resulting profit.

Any ICAM partner can increase his profitability by introducing new partners in our business club

Investment Capital Account Management

Artificial intelligence for outstanding profits

The team

Costin Claudiu
Marketing Partener


Cristian Păuna
Managing Partener